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Ceramic Jewelry

Miriam carefully chooses only the finest Ceramic Beads from around the world to create jewelry in her unique style. Beautiful colors, unique patterns and shapes, and fine craftsmanship are the criteria Miriam uses as she personally selects each bead. Like all Miriam's Designer Jewelry, Sterling Silver and a variety of fine Glass Beads and Pearls are used to compliment her designs. Below are Miriam's featured Ceramic selections...

Miriam designed her One-of-a-Kind AFRICAN DREAMS Necklaces using handcrafted ceramic KAZURI BEADS imported from Kenya. Lady Sarah Wood and two African women began making the colorful beads twenty-five years ago on the lawn of Isak Dinesen's Kenyan coffee plantation. Today, this bead business offers employment and income for about 100 Kenyan women living near the foothills of Mt. Kenya, who are often the sole providers for their children and families. Each bead is shaped by hand from clay - fired, painted, fired and glazed, and then fired again in an electric kiln. Up to five different colors may be used on one bead to create the pattern, and no two beads are exactly alike. At present, there are four striking color combinations in Miriam's "AFRICAN DREAMS" Collection: Kalahari (toasty browns, golden yellows, deep reds and black), Serengeti (pastel tones of pink, blue, beige and green), Riba (pastel aqua, olive green and beige), and Massai (bright green, dark blue and purple).

The gently curved oval beads are approximately 1 x 0.75 inches, and 0.37 inches deep. The bold barrel-shaped beads have a scalloped surface and measure 0.75 by 0.5 inches; they are slightly more than 0.5 inch deep. All AFRICAN DREAMS Necklaces are priced at $150.



Bold swirls of brown, black, red and yellow-orange make a sophisticated statement! Both KALAHARI Necklaces are accented with glass and Sterling Silver beads that compliment the colors and shapes of the Kazuri Beads.

The KALAHARI DISK Necklace (left) is 20.5 inches long.
Complimentary glass beads are deep amber, with a matte translucent finish.

The KALAHARI Barrel Necklace (right) is 21 inches long. The Sterling Silver round accent beads and black glass beads have delicate scallops that compliment the swirling design of the barrels and match the swirling Sterling Silver clasp. Kalahari Barrel Necklace is sold!


Choose Kalahari Disk or Kalahari Barrel -$150



Gentle pastel tones of pink, blue, beige and green are enhanced by Freshwater Cultured Pearls in this Necklace that measures 20 inches. The Necklace has a total of six oval and seven barrel Kazuri beads and 22 Freshwater Cultured Pearls. Glass and Sterling Silver beading accent the design.


Serengeti Necklace - $150


Pastel aqua, beige and green oval Kazuri beads are enhanced by Freshwater Cultured Pearls and fine glass beads in this Necklace that measures 18 inches. The Necklace has a total of six oval Kazuri beads and 42 Freshwater Potato-Shaped Cultured Pearls. The clasp is Sterling Silver.


Riba Necklace - $150


Brilliant transparent blue, iridescent blue-green-purple, and opaque green glass beads, and Sterling Silver bring out the magnificent colors of the oval Kazuri beads Miriam used to craft her Massai design. The Necklace measures 17.75 inches and has a total of six oval Kazuri beads. The clasp is Sterling Silver.


Massai Necklace - $150


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